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New Hall Valley is unique to Birmingham and especially Sutton Coldfield for it’s bio-diversity and archaeology dating back to the Bronze Age. The oldest site discovered so far is a burnt mound dating between 1700 BC - 1000 BC, and possibly used for cooking or sauna type bathing.


Travel forward in time to the Middle Ages and we then have more tangible evidence of occupation in the form of the original New Hall (hotel) with parts dating back to the 13th century. Other buildings in the valley have histories from the 14th century onwards.


It is possible to view the valley from a high point and get a panoramic view of Sutton town centre and it’s surrounding areas. Other interesting things of note is the Plans Brook stream (originally called E Brook or East Brook) which emanates from a spring in Sutton Park and eventually ends at the sea.

New Hall Valley Country Park is one of four parks within the Sutton area, the others being Rectory Park, Pipe Hayes Park, and Sutton Park - all within a mile of this park.

There are picnic areas with tables/benches, plus two children’s play areas in the park. See the map for their locations